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Barbara Murphy - Buyers Agent | Las Vegas, Nv

The Help You Need When Buying A House

Simplify the process of buying a house with the expertise of Barbara Murphy, REALTOR® of REALTY ONE GROUP in Henderson, Nevada. A good real estate agent can help you with the entire process of home buying, including getting pre-approved for a home loan. Knowing how much home you can afford and getting the loan process approval started will make buying a home go more smoothly.  It is important to know your maximum that you can afford before you begin your search for the perfect home.  You should decide what you're looking for in a home based on price, location and amenities desired. Knowing the kind of financing that you want will make the process of buying a home something that you will remember as an experience that does not bring you to madness.  Being sure that you are knowledgeable and prepared before you view that first listing is my number one goal.  Falling in love with a home that you can not afford is an emotional upheaval.  The lender will go through the steps of the process of the qualifying and up through the closing on a loan.  They will advise you to not change anything in your financial environment.  Do not change jobs; do not make a big purchase; do not have any change in your payment history are a few things that have caused failure for other buyers.  

If you have any questions regarding something that could impact your qualifying on the loan, contact you lender to ask before you make that decision.  Other buyers have done those kinds of things and found themselves unable to move forward on a purchase.  You would not want to put your Earnest Money at risk by your actions or inactions, if it were.  The lender will provide you a good faith estimate of all of the buyer's costs involved in the purchase of a home including the down payment and closing costs necessary in the transaction.  They will discuss the appropriate sources of your down payment and funds to close.  Buying a home is so much more than choosing the home that appeals to your senses.  If you take the time to do the work necessary to prepare yourself, things can go pretty smoothly.  That is the kind of transaction you want to remember as you look back on the purchase of your home. 

Traditionally the selling commission is paid by the seller.  Things have changed somewhat.  Now you may pay a buyer's brokerage fee, especially if the seller does not offer to pay all of the selling agent's commission or does not have the funds necessary.  Real estate is constantly changing.  There are fees paid by both the buyer and the seller in the purchase and sale of a home.  Knowing in advance the amount you will need for a successful transaction and closing makes all the differnce in how the transaction progresses.  Being the kind of agent to put first things first, has gained me return clients who trust me to provide guidence they will need.  If you are thinking of buying a home, I am waiting to help you.  Contact me to get started.  

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Help Throughout the Buying Process

I can refer you to highly qualified real estate and financial professionals to help you get good deals on everything from loan rates to insurance. Once your pre-approval is in place, I can work with you to find a home that best suits your needs. I will help determine if a home you're interested in is priced fairly, if it is a truly good investment, and is in a neighborhood that will meet your needs. I will be there through the process of making an offer, right up to close.

Benefits Of Using Barbara Murphy

I pledge my loyalty, obedience, and accountability to you and will work with your schedule to arrange showings and meetings. My continual market searches mean I am on top of the local market. I have a full directory of service providers for you to choose from, such as moving and inspection companies, home insurance, and other home-related services. I will attend the final closing appointment to assist the signing of all documents and verify that all changes are distributed to each side of the equation as per the contract.  When the recording has be confirmed and the keys given to the buyer, then I can be satisfied.  You will be satisfied with a job well done. Relax and let Barbara Murphy help you find Your Las Vegas Dream Home.

If you have questions on the process of buying a home, complete the Informaton Request on the "Contact" page.